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  • What is a dental crown?
    A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fully covers the damaged or diseased tooth. It strengthens and improves the shape and size of the compromised tooth while extending its functionality. 
  • When do you need a dental crown?
    A crown is a great way to restore severely decayed teeth, fractured teeth, tooth with previous root canal therapy, severely discolored teeth, or teeth causing pain from cracks. Full coverage support will prevent further degradation of the tooth and allow you to use the tooth for many more years. 
  • There are many crown material options offered at our office. They are determined based on several factors – cosmetic, location of the tooth (anterior vs. posterior), opposing tooth, bite – and customized to restore optimal esthetics and function. 
  • What is a dental bridge?
    A dental bridge is several crowns fused together to replace a missing tooth. Teeth adjacent to a missing tooth become the anchors to the bridge. A bridge is cemented onto your teeth and is not removed during use. 
  • What should you expect at the crowns and bridges procedure visit?
    • At your first visit, the dentist will shape your tooth and take a mold. At this appointment, the shade and material will be discussed and determined. You will go home with a temporary crown/bridge.
    • Once the crown/bridge is made, the dentist will check for a perfect fit and cement the crown/bridge.
    • The first visit will require shaping of the tooth needing a crown and a mold will be taken to send to a laboratory to make. At this appointment, the shade and material will be discussed and determined. You will go home with a temporary crown that will protect the tooth and allow you to function normally.
    • A second visit is required to fit the crown onto your tooth. Your dentist will check for a perfect fit and cement the final crown/bridge into place.

Patient Reviews

I’ve visited this dental office for years and I’ve always had a great experience with the Dr and most importantly with the staff. All the girls are very friendly and sweet, 5 stars all around!

Gabby C. (Verified Patient)


Let me start off by saying I have a huge fear when it comes to the dentist. However, Dr. Christina Lee and staff are amazing and VERY gentle. Dr. Lee keeps you inform on what she’s doing and constantly asks if you’re ok. I went in and had 2 filings and a deep cleaning; the plan was to start off with the left side first and then go back on another day for the right side but when Dr. Lee was done she asked me how I felt and seriously I have not experienced such a pleasant/painless visit at a dentist. I didn’t feel anything! I told her lets do the other side and get it over with. (So weird for me to say) Overall, hands down the best experience I’ve ever had!!! Happy to say I’m not afraid to go back again in 3 months.  thanks to you Dr. Christina Lee and staff!!!

Denise C. (Verified Patient)


Dr. Lee is an amazing dentist. She is so thorough and will answer every question you have. She will help you address small issues before they become complicated but won’t do unnecessary work. He staff is very nice and professional as well. I’m fortunate to have found her. 😄

Mayra R. (Verified Patient)


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Dental Cleanings

A prophylactic cleaning is recommended every 6 months to maintain the health of the teeth.


Dental fillings are often used to treat small cavities, chipped or worn down teeth.  Learn more here!

Crowns & Bridges

What is a dental crown and bridge?  When do you need this procedure? 

Dental Inlays & Onlays

When a cavity, crack, or fracture is too large to be repaired with a filling but a more conservative option is better than a full coverage crown.

Root Canals

Root canal therapy may be needed if there is an abscess, tooth sensitivity to hot/cold, severe toothache, or swelling and tenderness.


We always try our best to save teeth, however in some cases tooth extractions offer the best way to improve oral health.

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Please contact us as soon as possible if you are experiencing a dental emergency

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