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  • Gum grafting is a procedure to restore lost gums. Many factors can contribute to gum recession, including teeth grinding, genetic factors, tobacco use, and most notably, chronic gum disease. Gum recession reveals the delicate root surface of teeth, increasing the risk of root decay and damage, and changes the smile’s appearance. Gum grafting care is the key to maintaining a healthy smile by restoring the gums to protect your teeth. Our gum specialist can help you regain the gums you have lost to not only protect your teeth but restore an attractive appearance.
  • Who is a candidate for gum grafting?
    • Sensitive tooth/teeth from gum recession and exposed roots
  • What are the benefits of gum grafting?
    • Gum grafting will prevent further recession and bone loss
    • Decreased risk of root decay and damage
    • As exposed roots are protected from gum grafts, patients will feel less sensitive.
    • Healthier gum health leading to improved smile esthetics and confidence!
  • What to expect at the gum grafting appointment?
    • The procedure is completed under local anesthesia. Our gum specialist will take gum tissue from the palate and transfer to the area of recession to cover the exposed root(s).
  • Keeping your teeth clean and gums healthy is key to preventing gum recession. Remember to brush your teeth twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss daily to maintain good oral health. Keeping up with periodic recalls with your dentist and hygienist is very important as they may first notice the start of gum recession.

Patient Reviews

They treat you with respect and are very welcoming and friendly!

Erendira L. (Verified Patient)


Wonderful Team, attactive office, patient amenities, to enjoy , very clean surroundings Dr.Lee was so gentle during my procedure, i was nervousness, it faded away, then I become very comfortable, I barely felt anything during my numbing procedure, she’s very kind and attentive to details, Thank you Dr. Lee for your kindness and your gentle care..

Carmen C. (Verified Patient)


Absolutely love the amazing staff here! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and I always leave feeling satisfied with my smile 🙂 special thank you to Tanya and the hygienist who made my visit a 10/10 today!

Jessica B. (Verified Patient)


cosmetic dentistry

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